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Freeze Dried Treats

delicious healthy nutritious for your pets.

Our Best Selling Treats

Pamper your pets with top-notch treats!

Dog Bowls

Expertly crafted from high-quality wood, providing a durable and stable feeding station for your beloved pet..

Dog Bandanas

Versatile accessory that can be worn on walks, special occasions, or simply lounging at home. With nine stunning designs to choose from, your pet will always look stylish and adorable.

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Every Dog –

" I Just Don't Want To Look Back And Think, I Could've Eaten That."

"I ordered online and was very impressed with the quality and personal service. Hand delivered my order with freebies included. I would recommend this business wholeheartedly."

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"Really great treats that are locally made, excellent ownership, I recommend Major Zoo to anyone with a dog!"

Natural Ingredients

Only natural ingredients for your mini friends

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We offer full customer support for our product.

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