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Kira S.London, ON
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So pleased to open the door and find the bag of Major Zoo when it seemed I'd just ordered it and VOILA it arrived. My doggie just ran out of food. I tried you folks for the first time and couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised when, suddenly, the food showed up at my door. Thanks so very much for the prompt delivery. My doggie loves this stuff and laps it all up. I believe she's getting the very best of everything she wants and needs. So we're both thrilled. Thank you so very much. You hit this one way out of the park. . . Over, Above and Beyond❣️ We L💖VE you for it, 👋 😘🐕‍🦺
Kevin M.Nanaimo, BC
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We use these as training treats for my dogs, they're not filled with garbage and extra junk.
Anastasia D.Toronto, ON
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My Lucy my service dog is worth any thing she wants to eat ! Started feeding her these treats and she now eats it every day and loves it ! Can't say enough good things about this dog treats company thank you !!!!