Sweet Potato Jerky

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3.5 oz. (100g)
Made in Canada



Sweet Potato Jerky: A Hilarious and Healthy Treat for Your Pooch

As a tenth grader with a knack for comedy and a love for dogs, I present to you Major Zoo’s Sweet Potato Jerky! These dehydrated dog treats will have your pupper howling with delight. But seriously, who wouldn’t love sweet potato bones for dogs? It’s like the canine version of candy!

Sweet Potato Chips for Dogs: Crunchy and Delicious

This sweet potato jerky is not just any ordinary treat. Picture your dog munching on sweet potato chips for dogs, and you’ll get an idea of how much they’ll love these jerky treats. Sweet potato jerky treats for dogs are perfect for satisfying their cravings while keeping them healthy.

Snag a Bag on Amazon…Just Kidding… It’s only Available Here

Looking for sweet potato treats for dogs on Amazon? You’re in luck! Major Zoo’s Sweet Potatoes is available there too. But why stop at sweet potato? Explore canned sweet potatoes for dogs and dehydrated sweet potatoes for dogs as well!

Low Fat and All Natural Dog Treats

Hollywood stars dog treats have got nothing on our jerky! These low fat dog treats are all natural, ensuring your dog stays happy and healthy. With vital essentials dog treats like these, your dog will feel like a true A-lister!

Wholesome Rewards for Your Furry Friend

No matter the size of your dog, these vegan dog treats are perfect. Small dog treats? Check. Best dog treats for small dogs? Double check. Wholesome rewards dog treats are great for dogs of all sizes, and our dehydrated sweet potato is no exception.

Wholesomes Rewards Dog Treats: Taste the Difference

If you’re looking for wholesomes rewards dog treats, look no further. Sweet Potato is the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Trust me, your dog will thank you.

Get Your Paws on These Treats!

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  2. Chicken Fish Bites
  3. Beef Chew Sticks

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein 1.9%, Moisture 10.5%, Crude fat 0.1%, Crude fiber 3.1%, Sodium 0.3%, Carbohydrates 14.1%, Ash 1.52%, Calories  70 (per bag).

Ingredients (Organic):

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